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Workspot, Inc.

IT Operations Manager
December 2016 - June 2022

As IT Operations Manager in a start-up, primary responsibility was to take care of a wide range of issues so executives and individual contributors could be productive and focus on their areas of expertise.

In general I would take on utility roles and tasks that would allow engineers and executives to focus on their primary tasks.

Along with one direct report, provided internal support to a globally distributed workforce that grew to 150 people.

For the last 5 years I have been responsible for brining up and maintaining new cloud environments in support of the companies development processes. One of the challenges was to quickly understand the environment so that secured and used at the enterprise level

Maintained and supported a platform agonistic environment for sales and support.


Evaluated security tools and processes for internal use.
Evaluated and implemented a secure password management and sharing system.
Consolidated management of services using Single Sign-On.
Researched and implemented
Responsible for physical security of office, including coordinating with building security regarding access.

User Management

Created and oversaw user onboarding and separation process. Worked with HR to coordinate
In charge of user management for in many environments including Active Directory, Azure AD, Google Workspaces (formerly G-Suite), GCP and AWS.

Build Engineer

Created and maintained a secure, distributed, multi-OS build environment using Jenkins. Single Jenkins Server controlled and reported build status for Windows, MacOS, iOS, and various Linux distributions. Build nodes were in AWS and physical data center.
Responsible for signing Windows releases with Extended Validation (EV) code signing certificate.
Responsible for security of build environment.

Digital certificates

Was responsible for a wide range of function, including determining correct type of certificates for web servers and gateways, digitally signing email, and signing code for release binaries.
Responsible for purchasing and distributing all digital certificates.
Purchased and installed certificates from DigiCert and Let's Encrypt to appropriate servers and gateways.
Worked with engineering to design system to automatically request and install certificates on gateways.
Set up secure build system to automatically code sign all Windows binaries.
Responsible for signing release binaries with Extended Valuation (EV) certificates


Central point of contact for acquiring and updating licenses used internally by company.
Lifecycle management of infrastructure hardware assets, software assets and software licenses


Point of contact for building management.
Responsible for physical access to company office.
Responsible for our offsite data center used for testing. This included procuring on location short notice, initial equipment setup and on-going maintenance.
Microsoft Cloud Platform
Office 365 Azure Windows Server
Azure AD Active Directory
Jira Jira Service Desk Status Page
Microsoft Platforms
Office 365 Microsoft Teams Azure AD Active Directory
Jira Jira Service Desk Status Page
Virtualization Environments
Azure Hyper-V GCP
AWS VMWare Nutanix
Local Environments
Windows Server Windows Desktop Linux configuration - multiple distributions
Conferencing Tools
Microsoft Teams and Teams Rooms Zoom Google Meet
RingCentral Slack
Internet Protocols
SSH SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) TOTP (Time Based One-Time Password)

Dtex Systems

Senior QA Engineer

Extended the companies Jenkins build environment to automate initial install tests on all supported Windows platforms (Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, both x86 and x64) onto clean OS's.
Wrote PowerShell script that reduced environment validation and set up time from 2-3 days to 2 hours.
Wrote multi-step PowerShell script to test installation, taking into account the two reboots that were part of the install process.
Identified and documented Windows GPO (Group Policy) to remotely install customized version of the DTex client application.
Identified and documented process for customizing DTex Windows msi package for individual customers.
Wrote C code and updated the Windows installer package to allow the DTex application to correctly hook into the system during install time.
Converted manual process of creating an installable 'zip' file to an automated process. While also adding company branding and logo.


Software QA Engineer

Tested SAML integration for Vidder authentication
Wrote BASH scripts to test efficiency and maximum capacity of Vidder servers.

Palo Alto Networks

Software Quality Assurance Engineer

Verified fixes of patch releases of PANOS
Created tests and infrastructure for MFA using TOTP protocol.

Citrix Systems, Inc.

Manager Engineering Services

Managed teams of 21 QA engineers in the USA and India.
Created and managed Windows and Linux build systems. Systems automatically built, packaged for delivery and ran initial smoke tests after code check-in.